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April 2015 UK Royalty Free Music Quality PRS & PPL free music to play in your business. Cost effective music for your video productions. Buy once and use forev...  

PRS & PPL Free Music

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Are you looking for NON PRS & NON PPL music to play in your restaurant, hotel, waiting room, beauty salon, shop or maybe as part of your music on hold system

All our music here is PRS FREE and PPL FREE. No annual renewal fees. Massive savings. Play PRS & PPL exempt music in your business today

Use the music for many types of business:

  • Restaurants & cafes
  • Hotels & guest houses
  • Hair & beauty salons
  • Health practices/waiting rooms
  • Shops & stores
  • Music on hold
All the CDS/CD DOWNLOADS below are composed by NON PRS PPL members so you can play this music in your business without ever having to pay any money to PRS or PPL.

A simple one off price of £36 inclusive per CD. A certificate is issued with each order for you to email to PRS or PPL proving you can use this music. Start saving money now. The previews below are short extracts of each track.

10% OFF on 3 or more CDS/CD DOWNLOADS
Buy 5 or more CDS for FREE worldwide delivery
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AK1000 BACKGROUND MUSIC CD VOL 1: Classical Soft and Light
A stunning collection of soft ambient orchestral music Gentle pastoral themes aimed at relaxation ...

AK1001 BACKGROUND MUSIC CD VOL 2: Ambient/Chilled
Music with a modern edge in a Cafe Del Mar setting. Chilled rhythms and grooves creating a stress ...

Easy going, feelgood and positive in an adult contemporary style creating an bright uplifting envi...

AK1003 BACKGROUND MUSIC CD VOL 4: Total Relaxation
Warm washes of sound , lush and unobtrusive. This collection presents a very soft and gentle sound...

A great collection of grooves and beats. Perfect for music on hold or retailers with a need for mo...

AK1005 BACKGROUND MUSIC VOL 6 : Moods & Themes
A collection of warm atmospheric moods and themes perfect for background use. Gentle guitars and r...

A collection of chilled ethnic music with a strong asian sound. Great as background in a restauran...

Relaxing themes to soothe and make a perfect stressfree enviroment. Dreamy and contemplative with ...

AK1008 BACKGROUND MUSIC CD VOL 9: Chilled Grooves
Chilled Grooves A collection of deep warm chilled grooves for a contemporary soundtrack perfect fo...

AK1009 BACKGROUND MUSIC VOL 10 Relaxation & Meditation
Over an hour of chilled music for relaxation and meditation, perfect for yoga and Pilates and beau...

AK1010 BACKGROUND MUSIC CD VOL 11 Summer Dance Beats
A stunning collection of dance grooves, chilled beats and summer vibes. Ideal for creating a super...

AK1011 BACKGROUND MUSIC CD Vol 12 Christmas
More contemporary Christmas themes to bring the seasonal good wishes to your premises. Full of won...

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Showing Non PRS CDs 1 to 12 of 38

If you wish to play the music in more than one outlet then you will need to apply for a Multi Use Licence. This licence will allow you to copy the CDs and distribute to your other outlets for a one off payment. There are no further royalties to pay and no renewal charges. Please email or call us on 01926 864068 for a copy of this licence and details on pricing.

If you need any further info please contact us
or call us on 01926 864068

You can pay using the following currencies GBP USD EUROS. Please select currency

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