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Non PRS / PPL Free Music

Avoid paying PRS fees. Avoid paying PPL fees. No renewal fees. Massive savings.
Our Copyright Free/ Royalty Free music can be played in all types of business:

Restaurants & cafes
Hotels & guest houses
Hair & beauty salons
Health practices/waiting rooms
Shops & stores
Music on hold

That's the beauty of our Royalty Free Music.

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AK018 Pure Romantic Moods
Ten beautiful and gentle instrumentals featuring the talents of several soloists whose live playing gives real expression. Produced for a range of visuals from weddings to landscape.

1. A Gift of Rings (strings)
2. Red Roses (orchestral)
3. A Lovers Nocturne (solo piano)
4. Celtic Mists (flute/violin)
5. Eternal Love (flute) 6. Summer Romance (rhythm)
7. Blessed (cello)
8. I'll Never Love You More (guitar)
9. Sunset for Lovers (solo guitar)
10. In the Mood (saxophone)

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