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Royalty Free Music - GoTrax

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On purchasing from our Copyright Free Music / Royalty Free Music library we grant you synchronizations rights and permission to use the music as part of your production.

As a producer you only pay for the price of the CD and then you have no more fees to consider. This saves you time, as you no longer have to locate the copyright owner and clear the music or fill out complicated licence forms. It also means, you can save a fortune in royalties as you can keep using the music as many times as you like.

That’s the beauty of Copyright Free Music / Royalty Free Music.
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Royalty Free GoTrax CDs

In the realm of movie music scores, AKM Music's 'Go Trax' has to be a very welcomed hybrid. In a nutshell, Go Trax is a variation on their most popular copyright free albums which have been engineered into 'loopable' chunks of music that can be seamlessly snapped together on your NLE timeline. No longer are you limited by the standard length of the track; you can just keep adding chunks.

And more to the point you can use the variety of moods within the piece to add pace, mood, effect and punctuation to your pictures. Choosing, selecting and creating music for film is mostly about suitability, theme, subject matter, focus and that all-important pace. In this review, these aspects keep returning, again and again - this in itself demonstrating the value of AKM Music's Go Trax.

On one level AKM's Go Trax requires sensitive and intelligent usage and challenges your creativity. In my opinion, you need to study, listen to and be responsive to what you are hearing and seeing in your movie. If you are up to that challenge and face up to being more professional about your movie making, then this package will not disappoint. It may mean you need to use more ingenuity - but isn't that a good thing?

Applying Go Trax in this frame of mind will certainly help you to create an original music score and enhance your visuals, even though you'll be using the same base music as other users.

On another level, you can simply 'play' with the Go Trax music chunks - as they say - and scatter them through your movie as and where you like. You could make it that simple. Go Trax has the scope to work on both these levels.

Working with Go Trax
AKM Music provided me with a Go Trax themed package - 'Soundscapes' - which comprises 2 discs. Disc 1 is the Go Trax DATA disc containing the loopable chunks of music for each of the 17 tracks. Disc 2 contains the full audio files of the music present on the Disc 1. This means that you can choose to use either the full track in its original form, or compile your own version, or indeed a combination of both. The package actually includes 12 main 'Musical Themes'. Added to which, 5 of these themes have what AKM Music call, 'Alternative Underscores'.

One of the benefits of the entire scores found on Disc 2 is that they can be used for auditioning the tracks to your client, to ensure that the overall theme is to their liking. Being in standard audio CD format, this can be done on any CD player - even in the car if so desired.

Alternatively, you could simply ask your client to listen to the samples provided on AKM Music's website (www.akmmusic.co.uk). Once they've given their overall blessing, you are then free to experiment and play.

So, Go Trax allows you to weave the type of magic that just placing music clips under the visuals rarely achieves. Go Trax is a very straightforward way to 'measure out' a particular AKM theme you like - which in essence, raises your input to that of the music director/arranger.

Though no musical talent is required - you will need the ability to understand what well punctuated music can add to your films. Go Trax isn't a music-making package, but it does allow you to adapt music to better compliment the pictures. You can infinitely and seamlessly loop and extend sections - which would make it ideal for projects where clients want a continual bed of music under the pictures. Used with a little more imagination and thought, it will lift your productions to a new level.

Due to the amount of work that goes into converting AKM Music's CD's into Go Trax editions, they explained that not all their extensive library is available in the Go Trax format. Presently there are 5 Go Trax Titles available - with the plan that AKM will make many new releases in the Go Trax format in the near future.

But don't take my word for it, give AKM Music a call and hear what Go Trax can do for you - it could mean the difference between being your own "Director of Music" and merely being a selector of 'Off-The -Shelf' music. Better still, pop along to their stand at IOV2004 and see the demonstration.

Graham Bernard

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