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April 2015 UK Royalty Free Music Quality PRS & PPL free music to play in your business. Cost effective music for your video productions. Buy once and use forev...  

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A great collection of full on retro electro tracks with an 80's vibe featuring beeps and whirling synths brought back into vogue by groups such as Goldfrapp. Ideal for any corporate production which needs a hi tech background score.

1. Freevolution 4:10
2. Dopamine 3:41
3. Strut 4:30
4. Cyberflea 5:15
5. Hyperdrive 4:22
6. Does Not Compute 2:09
7. Snakebite 2:16
8. Dreams in Ultra Violet 3:38
9. Electrophysiology 2:30
10. Fubar 4:45
11. Isotope 6:09
12. Tokyo Subway 4:36
13. The Worm 3:21
14. Supercollider 3:39

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