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Royalty Free Music for TV, video and all media projects

AKM Music produce Royalty Free Music, also known as Copyright Free Music, for video, TV and all media productions with a simple, easy and affordable licence without compromising on quality. Using only the finest media composers and the very best music, we believe in quality over quantity with each track in our royalty free music library carefully selected. Our Royalty Free Music is available as SINGLE TRACKS DOWNLOADS, CDs and ALBUM DOWNLOADS.

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for businesses, retailers, cafes, restaurants etc.

Top CDs

June 2016
Bright Outlook

AK133 Happy Days

Upbeat, royalty free happy music, feel the feel good factor.

Bright Outlook

AK157 Positivity

Inspiring royalty free corporate music, positive, classy strings, and cool beats. Music that climbs and builds..

Bright Outlook

AK132 Cut To The Beat Vol 7

Cutting edge royalty free dance music for all corporate projects.

Top tracks










Dance Until Dawn (Main)


Deep Blue


Early Morning Pastoral


Falling Up


Fill My Cup



Soundtrack: our blog

Whooshes & Swooshes

An integral and important part of your audio soundtrack is the sound design which can enhance the...

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Our Royalty Free Music Customers

Our Royalty Free Music Customers

What our customers are saying

  • Every corporate video production we make has AKM music under it. We usually get a lot of compliments of our clients that the music we added fits perfect. Really great music and no licence issues! Works perfect for us!
    Jeroen, PJP Film & TV, The Netherlands
  • It's a fantastic service you provide and I'll no doubt be purchasing music from you again in the future, for use in my in-house video productions. Thanks again and kind regards.
    Graham Smith,
  • Your music never sounds like some of the cheesy production music I have investigated and rejected.
    Julie Dean, Audio Guide Productions Ltd
  • I just would like to say you have some great tracks on your site and pleased I found it and I have recommended to others.
    B, Wales
  • Some great stuff, good inspiration for me to get stuck into editing! AKM's music just gets better and better. Many thanks.
    J Brinton
  • We have had 4 CD's from you for our films and compared to other suppliers you are the best. No doubt, we will be buying more music tracks from your company.
    C R Krishnan, Grenadier Productions
  • Just to let you know the CDs arrived 10:30 today - warm hugs to you for getting them out so quickly, and for the MP3 files yesterday. All edits now done and dusted. Thank you so much!
    Matt Davies, MDMA Ltd
  • ...just got the discs!!!! Thank you so much for the super speedy reply!
  • Great, love the underscore will pay by Paypal now. Thanks for your help and great customer service.
    Richard Brown, Sunset Films, Oz
  • Thanks for your excellent quick response as I had to get a short film out last night. Fantastic service.
  • Well what can I say? I have just purchased AK 122,128, 129 and 131...what great music scores!!!! Well done once again!! Money very well spent and a great addition to the Historic Media experience.
    James Balme, Archaeologist & Presenter
  • We are very pleased with the quality of the music library and your impeccable support.
    Miguel Miraldo, Black Box Lda, Portugal
  • Please keep up the great work, I certainly will be using your music and am trying to spread the word here in Australia as to the services you supply.
    Richard Brown
  • Many thanks for that, perfect customer service. Will be back to buy some more
    Kevin Cook

Latest release

Action and Suspense

An action packed collection of epic royalty free music full of tension, suspense and cinematic excitement


Royalty Free Music for your creative needs


We know how much time, love and energy you have put into your video or TV production. It's only right you demand the best for your soundtrack.

Our clients use our royalty free music/copyright free music in broadcast, corporate video, advertising, film and games, photography and online media worldwide agree with us and like what we do. They like our no-hassle licensing, the great choice of music and outstanding value for money because they tell us.

Join us and enter a whole new world of Royalty Free Music.

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How to use Royalty Free Music in your video production