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PRS & PPL Free Music

Are you looking for NON PRS PPL music to play as background music in your shop, restaurant, cafe, GP practice, beauty salon or part of your music on hold system?

All the music here is PRS FREE & PPL FREE. No annual renewal fees. No sign up. Massive savings. Play PRS PPL exempt music in your business today.

Each album gives you 55 mins of quality music available in CD or mp3 album download. The music is composed by NON PRS PPL members. You receive a NON PRS/PPL certificate from us so you can prove to PPL/PRS that you no longer need to pay them any licence fees. Play the music in many types of business:

BUY 3 or more and get 10% OFF your order. Buy 5 or more for FREE delivery. Need advice choosing music? call us on 01926 864068 and we'll be pleased to help.

Each album is £36 inclusive. To hear samples of each track click on the album artwork and click on play icon

43 NON PRS PPL albums found

Click on the artwork to see track listing.


If you own more than 1 outlet you can purchase our Multi Use licence saving you even more money by allowing duplication of the music you buy from us to play in your other outlets. This is a one off set up charge allowing you to add music on the same licence in the future.

No annual renewal fees. No contract tie ins. Simply pay as you go

For further info and costs for the MULTI USE LICENCE please call us on 01926 864068 or email us

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