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Royalty Free travel-landscape music

To convey the thrill of travels and journeys in your production, our royalty free travel and journey music is the perfect match for exciting video productions or any other media projects.

Found 320 tracks: travel-landscape

**Note - album and track previews are in 64kbps mp3 format. Purchased download albums and tracks will be 320kbps mp3. WAV files available upon request at no extra charge.**

What Can Royalty Free Travel & Landscape Music Be Used For?

At AKM Music, we offer an extensive collection of royalty free travel music that is perfect for a variety of productions and applications. Whether you’re looking for royalty free music to use as a background track for your travel video or landscape music to complement your promotional video, there’s a track for every production need. 

Our royalty free travel music can be used for commercial purposes and some of the examples of the many applications that you can use our music tracks for, include:

YouTube / Vimeo & Video Production – Our royalty free travel music is perfect for use on social media platforms and video sharing websites, such as YouTube and Vimeo. If you’re involved with video production on video streaming platforms, then our landscape music can help make your production more exciting, engaging, and impressive. 

TV Broadcasts – Did you know, that you can also use our royalty free landscape music tracks for television production too? Our music tracks can be used for all types of TV productions, whether it’s a documentary, a product promotion, or even a travel series. 

Video Games – If you make video games, then you can also benefit from our royalty free travel music. Music and sound are integral to the experience of a game and you can use our music tracks to support your game as background tracks and more.

• Advertising – If you’re looking to set the right tone for your advertisements, our royalty free landscape music tracks are ideal. Whether your advert is online, on TV, or on radio, our music can be a great way to set the right tone.