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Royalty Free action/adventure/heroic music

Epic sounding themes, fast actions cuts for sports, ideal for trailers, war, military scenes and battle sequences and exciting sports events. Music to convey feelings of success, triumph and conquest. Give your video production a Hollywood cinematic soundtrack.

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Orchestral Themes: Impact

Epic cinematic trailer music for drama & adventure

Dramatic Strings

Sweeping powerful dramatic orchestral strings blended over grooves

Action and Suspense

Action music full of tension, suspense & cinematic excitement

Magical Orchestral

Quirky, imaginative magical music

Myths & Legends

Epic themes, full of excitement & adventure


Screaming rock guitars & sweeping strings

Emotive World

Majestic & epic trailer style orchestral music

Hollywood Orchestral Scores

Epic cinematic music, orchestral scores for the big picture

Spy & Thriller

Spy & detective music. Classic James Bond, Mission Impossible inspired music

World At War

Cinematic scores to create drama & emotion for various aspects of war

Extreme Sports

Action packed adrenalin fuelled music ideal for sport

More Adrenalin

Punchy rock, big drums, big riffs, big attitude


Superb raunchy rock guitar tracks, big riffs, edgy drums, great for sports

Motivation & Inspiration

Seriously motivating & uplifting corporate music

Distant Moods

Dramatic music for adventure, love & historic

News & Awards

Music for news items, bulletins, awards and sports reports

Symphonic Mix

Uplifting corporate strings with cool beats

Cut To The Beat 3

Cool dance grooves and beats


Fast cutting edge rock music


Historic periods from prehistoric, medieval, baroque & Victorian

Guitar Heroes

Sounds of the most influential guitarists of the past 3 decades

Film Genres

From thrillers to chillers, westerns & historic


Fast paced thrilling music for sports edits