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Royalty Free Music / Copyright Free Music

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AKM Music produce broadcast Royalty Free Music, sometimes referred to as Copyright Free Music, for all video productions. We also supply NON PRS/ NON PPL music for business, retailers, cafes, restaurants, etc, covered by a simple licence for unlimited use.
Royalty Free Music allows video producers to use quality background music for their productions without incurring the huge cost and time involved in clearing copyrighted music.

You can download Royalty Free Music for online video productions including YouTube & Vimeo, corporate video productions, DVD and TV. Once purchased, you can use the music over and over again on all your future productions. Our licence free music is available as Royalty Free Music MP3 downloads and CDs.

Our extensive, top quality music library contains all styles of music. All our music is covered by a simple royalty free licence allowing in-perpetuity use across all media worldwide.


Latest Royalty Free CD Releases

More inspirational uplifting tracks. Positive and full of hope sending out a message of achievement and success.

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March 2015 Quality PRS & PPL free music to play in your business. Cost effective music for your video productions. Buy once and use forev...  

New Releases

Our Royalty Free Music / Copyright Free Music Customers

Our Music is now constantly used on ITV Network, Channel 4, Channel 5, SKY and satellite TV broadcasts worldwide. This is a measure of the trust producers are placing in our range of buyout music. Our licence allows unlimited worldwide usage on ALL productions.

"Your music never sounds like some of the cheesy production music I have investigated and rejected."
Julie Dean
Audio Guide Productions Ltd
"We have had 4 CD's from you for our films and compared to other suppliers you are the best. No doubt, we will be buying more music tracks from your company."
C R Krishnan
Grenadier Productions
"It was incredibly simple to find the music I had in mind for my production, just a few clicks and what I found more than matched my expectations. The quality and range of tracks AKM offer is very impressive, and my production now packs more of an emotional punch thanks to AKM."
John Cockshaw
Artist and Filmmaker

NON PRS / PPL music for On Hold / Restaurants / Retailers

We do have a range of NON PRS/PPL CDs which can be played in a public space without having to pay any PPL or PRS fees. More information on our PRS FREE music

What is Royalty Free Music / Copyright Free Music?

What is Royalty Free Music?
What does your licence cover?
What limits are there on your licence?
What must I do if my production is broadcast?
I own a shop, restaurant or I need music for on hold and want to avoid paying PRS fees
In what format can I purchase your music?
How instant are your instant downloads?
Purchase Orders
Can I see you at exhibitions?
What are your delivery times?
How can I contact you if I have a problem with your downloads?
Do you ship internationally?
Do I receive a VAT Receipt?
How can I listen before I buy?
I am having problems hearing your previews
Is your order form secure?
Why can't I use any music I like on my productions?

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