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Why is the music from AKM exempt from PRS PPL fees?

If you purchase music from us you can play it in your business without incurring PRS/PPL fees. This is because our music is copyright/royalty free and our composers are not members of PRS and PPL. They have decided not to join any worldwide performing rights organisation (PRO).

Where can I play this music?

This music can be played in the public domain. In other words, in any space where the music can be heard by the general public or members of staff. This includes: hotels/cafes/restaurants/pubs/shops/GP surgeries/dental practices/beauty & hair salons/gyms/yoga, Pilates, fitness classes/ chiropractors/ therapists etc.


Are there renewal fees or subscription rates?

No, we like to keep it simple. You simply browse, preview and purchase the music from our website. We don't come back to you in a year's time and ask for a renewal. You can buy new music from us whenever you need it. There is no minimum quantity order.

Do I receive proof I can play this music ?

Yes indeed, with each purchase you automatically receive a .pdf certificate, verifying that the music you have purchased from us is PRS & PPL free. If you want you can display this in your business premises, or send to PRS & PPL to cancel your existing agreement.

Does the size of my shop, salon or premises matter ?

No, it makes no difference whether your shop, restaurant or business premises is large or small. You simply pay the price of the CDs or download and you're covered.

Can I play your music on any system?

Yes you can play the music from your PC, iPod, iPad, iphone or CD player.

Can we mix up the tracks ?

Yes you can play our tracks on shuffle or random mode.

What format is the music in?

You have a choice, you can buy our music in a normal audio CD format or you can download our albums.

If you download our albums you will need to unzip them first. You can do this on your desktop or laptop computer. Then place them into a playlist and start playing on your device. If you want to use them on your ipad transfer the MP3 files in the resulting folder to your iPad using the appropriate cable or send via email.
Finally, on your iPad, open iTunes and select File - Add to library. You can then select the files you have just transferred. Those files will now be in your iTunes library. Enjoy!

Can we play this music anywhere in the world?

Yes, it doesn't matter where you are in the world, our simple alternative to playing music in your business applies as all our composers are NOT members of any performing rights organisations worldwide.

What are PRS/PPL fees?

PRS and PPL collect royalties on the behalf of member composers and performers. Music played in a public space, where it can be heard by others, incurs PRS/PPL fees. By purchasing music by AKM Music you avoid these fees.


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