Simple, easy and affordable royalty free music licensing from the UK's No 1 producer


Do I receive proof the music is NON PRS PPL?

Yes, with each purchase you automatically receive a certificate stating the music you have purchased is PRS & PPL free and you can legally avoid paying PRS PPL fees when playing our non-copyrighted music in your business.


Where can I play this music?

Our music can be played in your business as background for customers and staff including: hotels, cafes, restaurants, shops, GP & dental practices, beauty & hair salons, spas, gyms, exercise classes etc.


Are there renewal/ licence fees or subscription rates?

No. You simply purchase music from our website whenever you need it. Also, unlike PRS & PPL we don't come back to you in a year's time as our licence doe not need renewing. You can keep using the music over and over.


Does the size of my shop, salon or premises matter?

No, it makes no difference if your shop, restaurant or business premises is large or small. You simply pay the price of the CDs or album download and you're covered.


Can I play your music in more than 1 outlet?

Yes. The most cost effective way is our MULTI OUTLET LICENCE. A one off cost allowing you to share our music to your other outlets. Contact or call us on 01926 864068 for a quote.


What format is the music in?

Buy CDs or download our albums as standard mp3's. You can play our music on any device eg laptop, ipad, mobile phone. Each album has an approx. running time of 50 minutes.


Can we play this music anywhere in the world?

Yes,  as all our artists are NOT members of any performing rights organisations worldwide.

It seems a lot of people are unaware of this and the huge savings you can make in your business by simply switching to playing NON PRS PPL music. Composers and musicians don’t have to be members of PRS or PPL to make a living and have decided not to join. Unlike the TV licence you can find an alternative.



Start saving today and avoid paying PRS PPL licence fees when playing music in your business CLICK HERE

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