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Music for Business. Use our NON PRS PPL MUSIC.
Music for Business. Use our NON PRS PPL MUSIC.
Music for Business. Use our NON PRS PPL MUSIC.

Non PRS & Non PPL Music

Are you looking for NON PRS & NON PPL music to play in your restaurant, cafe, waiting room, beauty salon, shop or maybe as part of your music on hold system?

We offer a very simple, cost effective alternative to paying annual PRS / PPL fees. Simply purchase from our selection of NON PRS and NON PPL music below and put an end to yearly licence renewal fees. Each purchase you make comes with a certificate to confirm that the music you purchase from us is PRS / PPL free.

Make huge savings and start playing our music in your business today. Recommended for:
Need help making your selection? Call us on 01926 864068 or email For more info NON PRS PPL FAQ


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Easy Moods

A collection of upbeat tracks

Jazz Moods

A smooth collection of stylish jazz moods


Easy listening music, bright & positive

The Songwriter's Collection

Beautiful & meaningful songs

A Perfect Day

Bright themes for bright happy days

Moods & Themes

Gentle guitars and sweeping strings

Summer Dance Beats

Super cool dance grooves


Inspiring, uplifting music

Swingtime 20's, 30's & 40's

Quality goodtime swing music

Pure Romantic Moods

Easy listening romantic themes

Total Relaxation

Chillout soothing warm music

Relaxation & Meditation

Long relaxing ambient chillout music

Beautiful Themes Vol 2

Memorable, relaxing themes

Tranquillity Vol 2

Warm, soft chillout music

Solo Piano

Light, romantic and enchanting solo piano

Classical Soft & Light

Gentle orchestral pastoral themes


Upbeat grooves & beats

Ethnic Mix

Music for Indian Restaurants


Beautiful melodic relaxing themes

Chilled Grooves

Deep warm chillout grooves

Festive Fantasy

New arrangements of Christmas Favourites

Beautiful Themes

Awe inspiring melodic themes

Celtic Spirit

Ambient Celtic music


Wonderful wintry Christmas music

The Magic of Christmas

Magical festive Christmas music

Orchestral Themes: Period & Costume Drama

Georgian, Victorian & Edwardian music for vintage projects & events


Stunning orchestral music

Music From The Past

Tudor, Baroque, Medieval music

Backtracks Vol 2

Cool warm acoustic tracks

Modern Romance

Easy listening romantic themes

Tranquil Rhythms

Atmospheric, gentle & reflective rhythms

Love Songs

Pop songs & love ballads

Positivity Volume 2

Motivating positive music


Soft gentle ambient music

Pastoral Landscapes

Nostalgic pastoral symphonic music

Background Music Vol 16 One World

Beautiful atmospheric world music

South America India

Stunning collection of music from India & South America


Music of celebration, joyous & uplifting

Orchestral 2

Pastoral, symphonic and classical

Orchestral 3

Lush, rich orchestral arrangements

Voiceover Soundbeds

Essential grooves for narration

Pure Joy

Beautiful uplifting happy music


Beautiful solo performances


Various themes & moods


If you wish to play our NON PRS PPL music in more than one outlet you can purchase our Multi Use Licence. This licence allows you to copy and distribute the music to your other outlets for a one off payment. There are no further royalties to pay and no renewal charges and you can add more music in the future.

No annual renewal fees. No contract tie ins. Simply pay as you go.

For further info and costs for the MULTI USE LICENCE please call us on 01926 864068 or email us

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