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How to choose Royalty Free Music

Top Tips for Choosing Royalty Free Music


Royalty Free Music is no longer seen as cheesy muzak often found on those dodgy 70's videos or heard in a hotel lift.

The production values have soared over the last 10 years and now you'll find our music on most broadcast channels worldwide. The gameplan has certainly changed and so have the expectations

Media producers worldwide access online a vast supply of high quality music tracks composed by inspiring writers dedicated to providing great music for your images and videos.

Countless Royalty Free Music libraries exist, mostly stateside but we are proud to be one of few quality libraries based in th UK

So here's a few handy tips when searching and selecting your Royalty Free Music

  1. Read the smallprint. Not all libraries are the same. Each will have it's own licence terms. Check to see if you can modify the music, or if there are any restrictions on usage. We keep our licence simple and easy to understand.
  2. Some libraries do not vet the music they host so you'll find a vast number of tracks of poor quality. They simply allow composers to upload their music without previewing it. Its up to you to wade through it. We carefully select every track and weed out poor quality tracks.
  3. Will the library allow you to playlist tracks for demo purposes. This is handy when needing the approval of your paying client.
  4. Can you contact them for guidance. It saves you time to call or emal outline your brief and get a sample of trcks that can fit the bill. If you call us we'll narrow the search down.
  5. Look out for the cutdown versions of the main tracks, these are called underscores, soundbeds or stings and can be great for supporting a voiceover or to highlight a message.


Royalty Free Music has come of age and preview our music to know why




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How to choose Royalty Free Music

Top Tips for Choosing Royalty Free Music


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