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Royalty Free magical/mystical music

Conjure up the magic and cast your spells with playful imaginative music. Magical and mystical music to make your fantasy project come alive. From celtic new age to dreamy new worlds. Fantasy royalty free music, hints of Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. Let the cinematic adventure begin!

Magic & Fairytales

Enchanting, magical fantasy music.

Magical Orchestral

Quirky, imaginative, magical music

Distant Moods

Dramatic music for adventure, love & historic themes.

Mystery and Suspense

Dark, ambient & suspenseful tension music.


Atmospheric electric guitar themes.

Chilled Landscapes

Ambient atmospheres with a chilled vibe

Myths & Legends

Epic themes, full of excitement & adventure

World Atmospheres

Thrilling & inspiring world music.

Ancient Worlds

The mysterious world of ancient civilisations

Festive Fantasy

Popular Christmas favourites

What Can Royalty Free Magical / Mystical Music Be Used For?

Our range of royalty free albums are copyright free and can be used on all your video and photographic projects. Buy once and use forever.

Corporate Video / YouTube / Vimeo – If you make video productions on YouTube, Vimeo or similar video streaming websites or video productions, our royalty free mystical music can be added to those productions to create a world of mystery and fantasy full of adventure and imagination.

TV Broadcasts – Our royalty free mystical music albums can also be used for television productions. Regardless of the TV channel your production will air on, our magical music can be used.

Video Games – Do you make video games? If so, music and sound are a huge part of the gaming experience. Our royalty free music can be used for video game productions too.

Advertising – If you’re looking to create a mystical fantasy mood for your advertisements, our royalty free magical music is ideal.

If you are looking for music to play in your business/ shop / retail outlet you need our NON PRS/PPL music.