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Royalty Free reflective/dreamy music

Slow thoughtful royalty free music, perfect for nature and landscape images, meditation, yoga and pilates. Soothing, beautiful calm music, soft and ambient royalty free music creating a peaceful relaxing soundtrack.

Cinematic Journey

Cinematic orchestral royalty free music scores.

Ethereal Dreams

Sensitive scores, heartwarming & reflective.


Soft gentle ambient music.


Beautiful, ambient scores for a dreamy utopian world.

Nature Soundscapes

Warm, ambient & relaxing soundscores.

Ambient Chillscapes

Awesome chilled royalty free ambient grooves.

In The City

Cool, urban royalty free music beats & grooves.

Tranquil Rhythms

Atmospheric, gentle & reflective rhythms.

Tranquil Rhythms 2

Earthy, gentle, soft ambient music.

Ambient Moon

Hypnotic, mysterious soundscapes & pulsing soundbeds.


Chill-out grooves, relaxing atmospheric vibes.

Reflective Cinema

Emotive, reflective cinematic moods.

Soundscapes Vol 3

Warm seductive underscores, gentle rhythms & soothing themes.

Atmospheric Grooves

Swirling strings & synths over cool ambient grooves.

Solo Piano

Light easy listening piano


Ambient soundscores, swirling rhythms & atmospheric textures.

Soundscapes 2

Slow evolving, dreamy and tranquil scores.

What Can Royalty Free Reflective / Dreamy Music Be Used For?

Our range of royalty free music can be used in all your video, TV productions and photographic projects including:

• Corporate Video / YouTube / Vimeo – If you make video productions on YouTube, Vimeo or similar video streaming websites or corporate video our royalty free dreamy music can be added to those productions to create a soft reflective licence free soundtrack

TV Broadcasts – Our royalty free music albums can also be used for all television productions.

Video Games – Do you make video games? If so, music and sound are a huge part of the gaming experience. Our royalty free music can be used in all video game productions

Advertising – If you’re looking to set a calm peaceful mood for your advertisements, our royalty free dreamy music is ideal.


If you are looking for music to play in your business/ shop / retail outlet you need our NON PRS/PPL music.