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Royalty Free sad/mournful music

Sad music themes for feelings of loneliness, loss and despair. Emotional and cinematic pensive themes, give your project a deeper meaning. Let the music complete your narrative. Poignant emotional royalty free music for sad scenes.

Emotional Themes

Cinematic music, poignant, emotional themes.

World At War

Cinematic scores to create drama & emotion for various aspects of war.

Soft Gentle Themes

Soft, emotional piano music, gentle and relaxing.

Ethereal Dreams

Sensitive scores, heartwarming & reflective.

Reflective Cinema

Emotive, reflective cinematic moods.

Orchestral 3

Calming classical music

Ancient Worlds

The mysterious world of ancient civilisations

Emotive World

Majestic & epic trailer style orchestral music.

Ambient World

Shimmering textures, ethereal voices and swirling synths.

Ambient Textures

Soft, evolving ambient music

Hollywood Orchestral Scores

Epic cinematic music, orchestral scores for the big picture.

What Can Royalty Free Sad / Mournful Music Be Used For?

Our range of royalty free music can be used in all your video, TV productions and photographic projects including:

Corporate Video / YouTube / Vimeo – If you make video productions on YouTube, Vimeo or similar video streaming websites, our royalty free sad music can be added to those productions to create a melancholic feel and give an emotional dimension to your production.

TV Broadcasts – Our royalty free music albums can also be used for all television productions.

Video Games – Do you make video games? If so, music and sound are a huge part of the gaming experience. Our royalty free music can be used in all video game productions.

Advertising – If you’re looking to set sad mood for your advertisements, our royalty free music is ideal.

If you are looking for music to play in your business/ shop / retail outlet you need our NON PRS/PPL music.