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Royalty Free underscores/voiceover music

VoiceOver Beds

Grooves for your voiceover

Corporate Pop

Positive uplifting pop

Nature Soundscapes

Warm, ambient & relaxing soundscores.

The Keys of Life

Cinematic and ambient royalty free piano themes.

Slow Motion

Slow evolving minimal scores.

Cinematic Underscores

Mystery & cinematic tension music.

Modern Life

Relaxed corporate grooves for lifestyle projects.

Bright & Upbeat

Positive upbeat music for corporate video & promos

Voiceover Cuts

Music to support a voiceover.

Hi Tech Soundbeds

Cool dance grooves and beats.

Dark Ambience

Dark moody ambient underscores.

Voiceover Soundbeds

Essential grooves for narration.

Drones & Miniloops

Drones, ideal for tension and voiceover.

Backtracks Vol 1

Perfect music beds for voiceover.

Backtracks Vol 2

Cool, warm acoustic tracks.

Bright Outlook

Life affirming, happy, joyful & positive.


Beautifully understated music.

Urban Fusion

Cool, funky, jazzy & sophisticated


Beautiful solo performances

We have an extensive library of royalty free underscores and voice over music to support your narration and production. Our underscore pieces and voice over music are interesting and not distracting, perfect for use in video productions or any other projects.

If you are looking for music to play in your business/ shop / retail outlet you need our NON PRS/PPL music.