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Royalty Free uplifting/driving music

Uplifting royalty free music for when you want to convey happy and positive feelings in your productions and projects. Driving music to give pace to your video production. Ideal for corporate and promos. Motivating and positive royalty free music.

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Happy Days

Upbeat feelgood music.


Positive music for corporate and lifestyle productions.


Positive, uplifting pop music.

Positive Rock

Motivating & inspiring guitar music mixing pop & rock.


Positive, uplifting & motivating pop.


Inspiring, uplifting music

Modern Life

Relaxed corporate grooves for lifestyle projects.


Contemporary pop rock tracks.


Royalty Free motivating tracks

Our Bright Future

Bright and positive feelgood themes

Positive Thinking

Positive upbeat tracks for success & motivation.

Cars Motors & Engines

Groovy, funky, sexy and very cool

On Top of the World

Motivational with chiming guitars and feelgood grooves

What Can Royalty Free Uplifting Music Be Used For?

Our range of royalty free albums are copyright free, meaning they can be used for a whole variety of applications without any further fees. Buy once and use forever.

Some of the applications of our royalty free uplifting music albums include:


• YouTube / Vimeo / Video Production – If you make video productions on YouTube, Vimeo or similar video streaming websites or corporate video our royalty free motivational music can be added to those productions for extra production value.

• TV Broadcasts – Our royalty free motivational music albums can also be used for television productions. Regardless of the TV channel your production will air on, our uplifting music can be used.

• Video Games – Do you make video games? If so, music and sound are a huge part of the gaming experience. Luckily, our royalty free motivational music albums can be used for video game productions too.

• Advertising – If you’re looking to set the right mood for your advertisements, our royalty free uplifting music is ideal. Whether your advert is online, on TV or on radio, our royalty free albums can be a great way to set the right tone.

If you are looking for music to play in your business/ shop / retail outlet you need our NON PRS/PPL music.