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Royalty Free romantic/sentimental music

Beautiful royalty free music for tender and romantic events. Romance and love themes. Memorable scores to underscore love scenes. Romantic music full of sentiment and emotion that will touch your audience. There will not be a dry eye in the house!


Contemporary pop rock tracks.

Pure Romantic Moods

Easy listening romantic themes

Relaxing Themes

Warm relaxing themes, soft & gentle.

Romantic Scores

Beautiful, gentle romantic music.

Solo Piano

Light easy listening piano

Love Songs

Pop songs & love ballads.

Pure Joy

Beautiful, uplifting, happy music.

What Can Royalty Free Romantic / Sentimental Music Be Used For?

 Our range of royalty free albums are copyright free and can be used on all video, TV productions and photographic projects including:


 YouTube / Vimeo / Video Production – If you make video productions on YouTube, Vimeo or similar video streaming websites or wedding videos for your customers our royalty free romantic music can be added to those productions to help create the right romantic soundtrack

• TV Broadcasts – Our royalty free romantic music albums can also be used for all television productions.

• Video Games – Do you make video games? If so, music and sound are a huge part of the gaming experience. Our royalty free music can be used on all video games.

• Advertising – If you’re looking to set a romantic or sentimental mood for your advertisements, our royalty free romantic music is ideal. Whether your advert is online, on TV or on radio, our royalty free albums can be a great way to set the right romantic tone.


If you are looking for music to play in your business/ shop / retail outlet you need our NON PRS/PPL music.