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The Benefits of Joining Us

Our new website now offers you the chance to a FREE sign up with your own login account allowing you into a Members ZONE which boasts some wonderful and helpful features.

It's not essential to setup a FREE account with us as you can still buy royalty free music from us without signing up but some of the features are really useful when using our website.

Firstly, in the Members Zone you can see all your previous royalty free music orders so you can keep a track of what you have purchased. Viewing your detailed order history gives you a record of your past purchases just in case you lose sight of them.

Secondly, you can re-download your previous orders. Royalty free downloads are fast and super easy to access but there are occasions when you've had a computer crash or been locked out of your hard drive or that you simply can't find that file you urgently need for the video edit and you need the music. Simply login, enter the member zone and re-download the music. This feature is so cool when working remotely and you need to access the music you've already purchased on the go.

The coolest feature is the ability to create your own list of favourite tracks. By creating your own playlist you can compile a list of possible tracks for your production which you can play to your client or against your production to ensure you have selected the right mood or tempo for your project. You can return to this list to save you time and energy and purchase when you are ready and 100% sure you have selected the perfect track.

Once you are logged in you will notice all our music will have an option to place in your favourite list denoted by a 'star' symbol. Click on the 'star' and find it again in your favourite list.

The Member Zone also allows you to keep your details up to date.

So why not join up, it's free and it will unlock a new world of royalty free music for your video and photographic projects and productions.







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The Benefits of Joining Us

Our new website now offers you the chance to a FREE sign up with your own login account allowing ...

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