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The costs of using a composer for your video production

We have seen a rise in interest in our bespoke royalty free music commission services in recent months.

OK we have thousands of great sounding royalty free music for all types of video productions. You browse and select download and use with no copyright worries. Straight off the shelf. A brilliant concept and one that saves the video editor both time and money. However there are times when your video needs a very specific style or mood of music and you simply can't find it. So wouldn't it be great if you had a media composer on standby in the next room waiting for your brief ready to produce your perfect soundtrack.

Well we can't promise to move in with you (we keep very strange hours!) but we can provide a very personal and individual music commission service.

Over the last few weeks we been asked to re create a Gershwin number, a 29 second spot for a children's TV programme and a whole cinematic score for a DVD advertising the virtues of a Spanish holiday resort. Exciting stuff and we composers love working to picture as we feel we can get the best results.

I can hear you say ' but hang on a minute, will this not cost a small fortune?'. All the video producers who have commissioned us to compose to their brief have expressed how reasonable the costs are and have really enjoyed the experience of working so closely with the composer ensuring they get what they want without any compromising. To give you an idea of price the whole score for the DVD cost no more than £700 and the 30 second spot only £300. You pass this little cost onto your client and they will be delighted that the music will be for their exclusive use only. That's right the music will never appear in our library and nobody else will use it, only your client!

So how does it work?

You call us or email and outline your brief i.e I need an opening in this style with a few variations and stings.

We will ask how long do you want the music to be and when do you need it. Then we will provide you a quote. If you are happy and provide a 20% down payment to secure the commission we proceed to compose a rough edit. This is then sent for your comments and like everything in the creative world we would expect to make changes FOC until you are 100% happy. If you have a rough cut of your video then that's great send us an MP4 and we can synch it to our studio and hits those cues for you.Let us know if there will a be a voiceover. The track is mastered and delivered in whatever format you prefer.

The great thing about this whole process is that the music works exactly with your video cut bringing out the best in sound and vision.

So go on give us a call on 01926 864068 or email the next time you have a client demanding the theme from Jaws or a bit of Django Rheinhardt.

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The costs of using a composer for your video production

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