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Our Licence


Media Licence

If you make corporate video, TV or upload your videos to YouTube/ Facebook/ Vimeo then this is the licence for you. The licence is included in the price of the music.

Instant, worldwide licensing for ALL media, including all broadcast and online use. Re-use our music over and over again, no price per production, we keep it simple so a one off charge will allow you to use the same piece of music on multiple videos, perfect if you need the same opening theme music for different videos.

Our Royalty Free Music licence is clear and easy to understand giving you the perfect solution to clearing copyright for your video and TV production.

No complicated tiered rate card system, with no hidden extras and no annoying cost charges if your production changes from online to broadcast or you if you decide to go to DVD duplication

Relax and know the music content you use from us is globally cleared for all commercial use for always.

Licence Covers:

Corporate Video / DVD / Online
Training Video / DVD / Online
Commercial Video / DVD / Online
Point of Sale Video / DVD
Amateur/ student productions
Photographic Slideshow and Previews
Music on Hold
Media Courses
Websites and Podcasts DVD duplication
Online Usage : YouTube, Vimeo & Facebook
Short Films
Unlimited Worldwide Duplication and Distribution

With each purchase you will receive a licence via email.




Non PRS & Non PPL Music

If you own a restaurant, cafe, hotel, shop, beauty salon or run a GP practice and want to play background music without paying any PRS or PPL fees then browse our NON PRS PPL music

A PRS PPL FREE certificate is included in the cost of the music you purchase from us and can be used worldwide.

The certificate states your business name proving you can play our music in a public space without ever having to pay any PRS (performing rights) or PPL fees (recording rights).

No annual renewals, simply pay as you go, choosing music as and when you need it. You can play the music on any type of system and in any sized room.

Our PRS PPL free music can be used in :

Restaurants & Cafes
Hotels & Guest Houses
Hair & Beauty Salons
Health/ Exercise/ Pilates/Yoga/ GP Waiting Rooms
Shops & Stores
Music on Hold
All Online Use
TV Broadcast
Corporate Video




If you own more than one outlet, you'll save even more money by using our Multi Outlet licence which allows you to duplicate the music you buy from us to play in all of your other outlets. This is one off set up charge with no annual renewal fees. You can add more music when you need it in the future if you want on the same licence at a later date, without incurring any further licence charges. So you may own 30 stores, simply buy 1 CD and then the Multi Outlet Licence authorises you to share it with the other stores in your chain.

For more info on our Multi Outlet Licence costs, drop us an email at and tell us about the number of outlets you have or call us on 01926 864068