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Contemporary pop rock tracks.


Royalty Free motivating tracks

Our Bright Future

Bright and positive feelgood themes

The Keys of Life

Cinematic and ambient royalty free piano themes.

Human Stories

Royalty free music for all human emotions.

Cinematic Journey

Cinematic orchestral royalty free music scores.

On Good Days

Happy, upbeat and positive royalty free music.

In The City

Cool, urban royalty free music beats & grooves.

Ambient Chillscapes

Awesome chilled royalty free ambient grooves.

Pure Inspiration

Uplifting and inspired orchestral royalty free music.

Horror Story

Royalty free music for horror, spooky & scary videos.

Solo Piano 2

Royalty free solo piano music.

Groove Tube

Groovy pop vibes & chillin' royalty free beats.


Tense and mysterious royalty free music.

Positive Thinking

Positive upbeat tracks for success & motivation.

Ambient Moon

Hypnotic, mysterious soundscapes & pulsing soundbeds.

Dramatic Strings

Sweeping, powerful dramatic orchestral strings blended over grooves.


Edgy, raw and dark ambience

Slow Motion

Slow evolving minimal scores.

Winter Wonderland

Cinematic fantasy music, magical and wondrous.

Ethereal Dreams

Sensitive scores, heartwarming & reflective.

Action and Suspense

Action music full of tension, suspense & cinematic excitement.


Summer sunshine, love, friendship & good times.

Magical Orchestral

Quirky, imaginative, magical music

Myths & Legends

Epic themes, full of excitement & adventure

Feel Good Themes

Joyful, positive themes showing the bright side of life.

World Atmospheres

Thrilling & inspiring world music.

Bright Outlook

Life affirming, happy, joyful & positive.


Beautifully understated music.


Screaming rock guitars & sweeping strings.


Emotional cinematic music for drama & documentary.

Romantic Piano

Solo piano music, romantic, tender & emotional.

Corporate Themes Loops & Soundbeds

Themes, stings & loops for the corporate production,

Tranquil Rhythms 2

Earthy, gentle, soft ambient music.

A Perfect Day

Bright themes for bright, happy days.

Cars Motors & Engines

Groovy, funky, sexy and very cool

Nature Soundscapes

Warm, ambient & relaxing soundscores.

Emotive World

Majestic & epic trailer style orchestral music.

Smile Be Happy

Light, happy & heart warming tracks

Media Toolkit

Essential collection of sound effects for video productions

Positive Rock

Motivating & inspiring guitar music mixing pop & rock.

Reflective Cinema

Emotive, reflective cinematic moods.

Cut To The Beat 8

Upbeat dance tracks ideal for creating pace in your video.

Leisure Lifestyles

Music for the contemporary lifestyle.

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1 to 50 of 215.