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Background Music Vol 18 - In The Zone

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Background Music Vol 18 - In The Zone


Album Preview Album Preview

High energy dance tracks ideal for gyms and exercise classes, also for contemporary fashion and clothing retailers, hair salons, trendy bars and restaurants. Non PRS PPL music
Number of Tracks: 19
Non PRS PPL: tick
Ab Life 4:27
Building Muscle 3:45
Dead Weight 3:40
Energy Boost 3:50
Hang in There 4:17
Keep Going 5:04
Leg Raising 2:58
Lifting 3:35
Optimise 5:08
Power Up 4:05
Reboot 4:00
Rip it Up 3:30
Row 4:17
The Gains 4:15
The Reps 4:02
To The Max 4:03
Transform 4:02
Work Smarter 4:25
Workout 4:15